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#ACryAmongMenTheNovel – The most horrifying story you will ever read about modern day racism…


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To all the fans of #ACryAmongMenTheNovel, its follow up, #ACloudOverSouthHamptonANovel, is in the works and progressing nicely. Let everyone know, Chaya is back… 

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Politics and Terrorism

I am strongly considering giving Don Wilcox of A Cry Among Men a break (not the marketing) and focusing on a political thriller that is also a finished screenplay. Please give me your honest thoughts… thank you…


Another Dance with Evil


Job 12:22 He uncovers deep things out of darkness, and brings the shadow of death to light.

In an unfallen world, there would be no hate, no conflict or precipice of war. Radicals and fundamentalists would have no trough in which to feed their hatred; nor would their voices and actions cause the world to shudder. Hate, violence and death would not trump love.

     Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS), Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Taliban, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda felt no pathos when they piled up human carnage on their respective targets – fifteen in Barcelona, thirty-two in Brussels, twenty-seven in Nigeria, one hundred thirty in Paris and nearly three thousand in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11.

     Some say hate is a Biblical (or historical) state of being, a fact of life that we should gird ourselves against by relying on God’s word. Still others say, the horror of terrorism is the new economy, an economy not only driven by hate but by politics. American politics.

     But it is that visionless arrogance that brought America to its knees once again. America was not prepared for the fire and death of the devil’s uninvited curtain call.

Make A Decision 

Is this what we want for coming generations? Pick up a copy of #ACryAmongMenTheNovel – The most horrifying story you will ever read about modern day racism… 

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As Promised…

I would love to hear your thoughts on the opening of A Cloud Over South Hampton, the follow up book to A Cry Among Men…

Red Door (2)

Living a life of rightness offers many men a cozy corner in which to rest. But for some, what appears as emotional dormancy is in fact a life spent sidestepping death, a life rinsing away sour, meaningless morsels of dead hope, overshadowing a dream. Or perhaps it’s the feeling of being stuck behind an immovable wall. Or worse, molded into concrete, alive, face up, watching other men march by with smiles on their faces.

Similarly, for a time, Don had found it better to isolate himself away from people who adored and applauded his shame. But eventually the counter to the cluster bombs and violent, uncivilized dystopia living inside his head, came heightened, almost unfaltering, ambivalence about faith, commitment, manhood, and purpose. A different kind of stuck, an undefinable pain. And although prayer and therapy were slowly healing a spirit that could challenge the likes of a maladroitly torn scab, peace remained unhurried. It remained in the far off distance behind his well thought out smile.

A Wild Ride On Radio

Good afternoon all. Writing is not only about entertaining, but it is also a means of developing relevent discourse around those tough subjects that often make us cringe.

If you missed my last radio interview where I discussed A Cry Among Men, here it is. Take a listen and feel free to comment and share.

Listen to Whats Your Revolution 5/3/17 A Cry Among Men Author C. Erskine Brown by Dr. Charles Corprew #np on #SoundCloud