How did I end up here?

For those who know me, you know I love to write.  For those who have not yet come to know me, I love to write.  We all have gifts, talents, passions and purpose.  And after years of fumbling, God has directed me to write.

As a child, I hated reading.  But it was the lure my dear, wonderful mother used as my ticket to go outside and play.  Oddly enough, I went on to become an English Education major in college and now I love to read.  I have to read.  Without reading, how could I write?  I later studied screenwriting at NYU, have written eight screenplays and my first novel is near completion.

The word “blog” made my skin crawl, so the last thing I wanted to do was write one.  With the exception of posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, emails and texts; or better yet, those who voraciously read eBooks, belong to book clubs or defer word consumption until the summer’s hot reading list is published, my perception has always been, people don’t read.  As a writer, though, I have faith that people will appreciate and enjoy reading my work more than reading OMG, SMH or LMAO.

My goal is to inspire and entertain you as I drag you into this maddening world of screenwriting and novel-writing that has me so entangled.   What you read won’t be highbrow, journalistic or “how to” in nature.  Instead, I seek ambitiously to cleanse your palate by giving you a glimpse of what I am praying will someday be made into movies, television shows and bestselling books.

Some stories I tell are difficult to read, even for me.  I write about betrayal, evil, fear, hate, hurt, love, pain, race, redemption, terrorism, violence, and wealth. Some of what I write about is my stuff, my beliefs, some may be yours.  Have fun, follow and comment as you see fit.

The dream is real and it won’t stop… until God calls me home.  Never stop dreaming.


41 thoughts on “How did I end up here?

    • Hey Nupe, congrats on your writing . Didn’t know you were pregnant with this gift. Your gestation has been long so I am expecting a nice baby. Keep achieving my brother because that’s the Fundamental Purpose!
      Your sands #9

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    • You have a gift for writing, no question. Call it DNA or God’s gift, you were born to write. Since James Baldwin and Richard Wright, we don’t see much literature (at least, I don’t think so) about an African-American man. In movies and TV, it’s usually about an athlete or lawbreaker. How refreshing that your character reflects a vast number of men who are educated, professional, white collar – though they face harassment from the police “driving while black” as much as the working class guy. I look forward to reading more and seeing the film.

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      • Elise, those are awesome words and a great source of encouragement. There is a big, big world out there. I hope to capture people’s imagination as well as the truth when I write.


  1. Charles,
    I look forward following you on going growth and development via your blog. As always, I remain ever so proud of my friend, classmate and frat brother. Move forward, not looking back. Phi Nu Pi!

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  2. I’ll have more to say but I just wanted to be the first to post. You motivate me my brother in creating what we see as essential medicine for our creative thoughts.

    Raf. Amare

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  3. My dear Brother, You are already there. The purpose of God is stamped on your heart. Even before the beginning of time. Keep following “the yellow brick road” His Word is like a lamp unto your feet and a like a light unto your path. Psalm 119:105

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  4. You’re the man Charles! I see you! Stepping out on Faith, ‘out of the boat’ like Peter.
    Truly you are a “Renaissance Man” with an eclectic view of the world. I look forward
    to visiting your blog and growing with you on this journey to wit I believe many will
    be inspired to “take the first step”, though sometimes you don’t see the entire staircase!
    Be Blessed in all you do…Peace!

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  5. Charles, I have always told you how talented you are as a writer. Your self expression has grown into a work of art. I am proud of you and your amazing gift. God Bless you my dear brother!

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  6. C. Erskine,
    Your words have truth and meaning, “you write to read and read to write”. I anticipate a prolific and entertaining prose from the far reaches of your mind. Greater success awaits you! It is your destiny! William Jennings Bryan wrote, ” Destiny is not a matter of chance, It is a matter of choice, It is not a thing to be waited for, It is a thing to be achieved”. Remember, Achievement is your fundamental purpose! Be Blessed! Keep writing! SEY

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  7. My brother I am proud of you for I know your journey. I pray for you because I know your journey. I rejoice with you for I know your journey. May God direct your path as you embrace this journey. We all know you will reach your destination and when you do may God’s praise be on your lips. I love you my brother!!

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    • Much love to you as well, my good brother. Though we are contemporaries, I have always had much respect for you and your leadership. We are here to fight God’s fight on earth.


  8. Hey Charlie, man i’m proud of you. As we age life has a way of redirecting us the way we see things become clear waking up becomes a blessing and just enjoying life as well as giving God thanks for life everyday becomes the most important thing for us. Continue to pray and give thanks and enjoy every day. Take care Howard

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    • My homeboy, we take it back to junior high school. To know that we still have a true and honest friendship which now includes the Lord, humbles me and I thank you, my brother.


    • And oh how long did it take me to learn to chase the Dream and not the money, something many will never learn. It’s all God. I am glad to know you as well, Sir.


  9. Cuz I’m so very proud of you and the giant footprint in life that you are creating let no negative forces stand in your positive way.

    G Anita Grizzell

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    • My dear cousin, as you know, it’s in the blood. The Spirit remains restless until we embark on that which we are gifted and anoited to do. I am at utter peace. Thank you…


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