An Anchor in the Storm

The world’s view of love seems to be based upon feelings [carnality, flesh] which will always be episodic.  I’m sure you’ve heard, “I’m not in love anymore.”  “Marriage isn’t supposed to be like this.”  “I’m just not feelin’ it.”  However, the covenant of marriage requires that we develop a piquancy for love as a commitment, not a feeling.  The divorce rate, even among Christians, has crept up to nearly fifty percent because people are being led by their feelings rather than the Holy Spirit.  Money, sex, infidelity, addiction, sickness and unmet expectations that shouldn’t exist, corrupt feelings, therefore falsely leaving people to believe they no longer love, need or want the one person whom they promised God they would love and cherish for the rest of their lives.

In order for a male to be a man, he needs God, and directly after Him he needs a woman of God, a “help meet.”  Genesis 2:18 KJV “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”   And if you delve deeper, you will also find that a “help meet” was not given to man for subservience, to be trampled under foot as many women assert it to mean; but she is a gift, savior, and deliverer… a supporter in the time of trouble.

In A Cry Among Men – The Novel, you will see how Alicia, Don’s wife, fights to keep him from crumbling.

      In their gourmet kitchen, Alicia was busy preparing Don’s birthday dinner.  She was gut churning fine and stood out in every crowd, breaking most men’s fallacy of what a woman looked like after ten years of marriage, a child and a hectic career as a freelance food editor.  Her honey colored skin glowed as did the soft highlights in her brown medium length angled bob haircut.  She came from a patrician background; her British Jamaican father was once a member of Parliament.  In addition to English, she spoke Spanish and French fluently.  She was the total package.  Working out was also a part of her daily rite, evidenced by the way the stretch cotton slacks and metallic pullover hugged her firm but soft curves.  Without a sweat broken, she moved about exotic Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, deep granite countertops, restaurant grade stainless steel appliances and every upscale gadget imaginable.  Her studies at the famous Culinary Institute had positioned her for a career as an executive chef at any five star or Diamond rated restaurant in the world but she opted instead to develop recipes or critique and write about other chefs’ food.

Good or bad, every man has a partner whom he calls his best boy.  Next week I will introduce you to Don’s.  His name is Craig Gordon.

God will be your anchor and calm in any storm.


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