The Unshakeable Pact

From the outside, men seem to have mysterious bonds with their best friends.  Many have forsaken everything – God, values, wives, family, money and freedom for their boys.  If you read The Samson Syndrome, by Mark Atteberry, you will see the broken, misdirection of countless men has come about because of twelve tendencies that ultimately plunge them into sin and considerable collateral damage.

In A Cry Among Men, Don and his best friend, Craig Gordon, are deeply loyal to one another.   Watching Craig’s lustful nature would make most married women cringe; but Alicia loves him dearly and knows Don’s God led thinking almost always wins out.  He resolutely subscribes to Proverbs 27:17 ESV “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Meet Craig…

       Ray’s first stop was to interview Craig Gordon, a high-flying investment banker whom everyone knew as Don’s partner on many deals.  People around the firm, however, didn’t realize that he lived in Don’s old Harlem neighborhood when he was growing up.  Like Don, Craig was in his mid-thirties but contrarily, he was single and struggled with monogamy.  Females endlessly drooled over him and he took advantage of it.  He wasn’t pretty, but was considered a very good-looking white boy with a bad boy edge, somewhat Brad Pittish.  They were not only attracted to his seven-figure bank account, Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna suits, (he was wearing the later), but lusted after his rock hard body which came as a result of a strict vegan diet and a merciless workout regimen.  He wore his long dark brown hair brushed back with just the right amount of styling crème to hold it but not prevent it from hanging freely.  When he felt like being extra sexy, he’d throw on something by Tom Ford, give his sculpted face a hiatus from the three hundred and fifty dollar Ram’s Horn straight razor given to him by a former girlfriend and allow a forty-eight hour shadow to sprout.

Don’t be misled, Craig is a good guy.

So far I’ve introduced you to Don, my protagonist and his allies, Alicia and Craig but every story like this one has an antagonist, a villain.  From the first word he utters, you will feel aversion towards Scott Bradley.  He is one of the devil’s top disciples straight from the pit of hell.

When we develop an unshakeable pact with God our lives are never the same again.


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