Truth or Paranoia

Many people have been impregnated by distrust and paranoia which has become their truth.  Sometimes there is a basis but often times there isn’t; it is merely the exploding battlefield in their mind.  The writing business has Non Disclosure Agreements, Release Forms, Agent/Management agreements, etc., all to keep relevant parties accountable and from getting screwed.

Here is a true story.  Last year I did a screenplay polish assignment for someone in LA whom I thought I knew well.  I’d signed a management agreement with her and was brought in on a potential studio project.  The assignment, which came to her through a producer she knew, was to polish an already written screenplay and I would be paid $10,000.  They needed it in a month; I knocked it out in less than two weeks.  After delivering the work to my “manager,” the producer suddenly didn’t have funding to move the project forward.  I still have not been compensated for work that was not initially contingent upon funding.

I can hear your taunts… “Charlie Brown, you block head.”  What can I say, like Charlie Brown, I’m a good guy but indeed, I was a block head.  I trusted God, but I put too much faith in a person.  Also, I should have gotten ink from the producer and should not have started the project without a percentage of my compensation up front.

I no longer write anything (unless it’s a short sample) for anyone without a percentage of payment, so am I walking in truth or paranoia?  To what extent should we trust those we do business with?  Does the character or moral compass of those we do business with always line up to ours?  Is there a proper balance of truth and paranoia?

As you know, in A Cry Among Men, Don is a brilliant, street savvy investment banker but trust causes him to have major miscues in his dealings with Scott Bradley. 1 Peter 5:8 NLT Stay alert!   Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

If you’ve never seen the devil, the enemy, Satan – the Father of lies, here he is:

         Scott was a firm partner and its golden boy who was approaching ­the ripe old age of thirty-eight.  Many in the business got their start as a result of an inside ­hook up.  Scott was no different.  In his case, it was nepotism on the part of his father.  He was arrogant and had an air that screamed entitlement.  And his choleric disposition would make a person gag.  His incensed greenish blue eyes gave him a sinister aura, borderline creepy.  Or it could have been his dirty blonde hairdo that was frighteningly Bella Lugosi.  In spite of his apparent flaws, he’d made tremendous strides and money at JBF.  But his focus was now on riding his father’s coat-tail to becoming the firm’s next and youngest Chief Executive Officer.  And he intended to achieve his goal at any cost.

No matter what happens, God will give you victory over your enemies.  Seek Him first…


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