Ethnic Loyalty

There are dozens of separatists groups across America.  American Freedom Party is a white nationalists group that wants America and its politics restored back to white rule.  Violent Aryans hate everybody, especially Jews.  And the Ku Klux Klan hide behind Christianity to justify their white supremacist beliefs and obnoxious antics.  There are also black separatists groups such as the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party.  Even though both were formed as a means to fight white oppression, the inescapable argument is that they, too, qualify as separatists by its definition.

Those groups and others like them exist under the guises of ethnic loyalty but somehow they have missed Genesis 1:27NIV “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them;  male and female he created them.”  Also, in 1 John 2:9NIV, it states, “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.”

Putting aside their extreme left and right wing views, does ethnic loyalty in its real sense border on racism?  For instance, if a consumer patronizes a business that lines up with their ethnicity, is that ethnic loyalty or suppressed racism?  A contrary example would be, if a black defense attorney takes on a racist white client who has wronged a black man, as is the case in A Cry Among Men, is he a race traitor with no ethnic loyalty or is he simply doing his job?

Perry Langston is about to find out what it’s like to play for the other side.

       Scott had been in Bergen County police lockup for better than an hour.  He sat inactive in the interview room which was a far cry better than images depicted in movies; it was clean, well lit and didn’t have the cliché two way glass.  All third party viewing was done via a CCTV feed to a monitor in the station room.  The curdled look on his face showed he was officially a disgruntled mess.  A tall finely dressed black man, about fifty-three years old or so, bald, pop-eyes and a gap between his two front teeth broke the placidity of the room and made his entrance through the door which had hinges that faintly cried for oil.  Perry Langston was the gentleman’s name. 

       He closed the door, stepped to Scott and extended his hand.  “I’m Perry Langston, your attorney.  I’ve been retained by your father to handle your matter.”

  Scott didn’t speak and was disinclined to reciprocate Perry’s cordial gesture of introduction leaving Perry to withdraw his hand.

Following 9/11, evil brought us together.  But why did we so quickly revert back to letting evil [racism] tear us apart?  If this topic applies to you, please allow God to cleanse your heart.


22 thoughts on “Ethnic Loyalty

  1. God will help in the cleansing process when we recognise or check the pulse that we have the six vices of lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness and envy of the hear to tackle and these are just the grosser ones.


      • Though in this iron age of Kali/devil, both genders are victims of vices. I’ve experienced some women to be more vile than men. Anyway, as we both know, our endeavour and the Lord’s mercy are the key ingredients to overcome all that is unwanted in the heart, which begins with each person. Blessed be 🙂

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  2. It was comforting to see that you pointed out the Black separatist as well. We have to be careful of not becoming what we have have hated in others. I am humanity, so I no longer allow myself to be defined the hue of my skin color. I don’t wear it with a badge of dis-honor, nor do I wear it with a badge of honor.
    God made no mistake when he decided that I would be (Black) who I am. My skin color is a “so what”, as far as I am concerned. I am far more than my skin color. I and all other men are made in the image of GOD, as you so eloquently stated.

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  3. CB,
    Ran into your blog by accident. Anyway, as to “ Even though both were formed as a means to fight white oppression …,” the Nation of Islam was not founded to fight oppression. It was founded on the principle that whites are devils and blacks are selected by God to rule the earth and should have their own nation. The Nation of Islam never participated in any form of political or social protest against segregation or racial injustice. Never. More to it and I hope you read a little about how it was started in the 1930s by a white man (he might have been a Syrian) who claimed to be Allah. Talk about a screwed up theology. The Nation of Islam’s beliefs are like fantasy of a fantasy. But hate can make people believe anything.

    The so-called “New” Black Panthers are a small group of pathetic morons who don’t have a cause at all. They do absolutely nothing except complain and whine and spew hate. If they had a movement, they’d get their own name instead of trying to piggyback on the social movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The real Black Panthers were not racists. I’m seventy years old, grew up in LA, and knew many Black Panthers, even though I myself never belonged to the party.

    I do agree with you on just about everything else, but as far as religion goes, I’m not a Christian or anything else.
    Wishing you the best.

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    • Lamont, I appreciate your feedback, though I do believe we are splitting hairs. When the Nation believes that Blacks should live apart from whites and not date outside their race, those are separatist views. Even a rudimentary understanding of the Holy Bible will demonstrate that we are all in this thing together and there is no room for hate.


      • CB,
        We are not splitting hairs. I should have taken more time and edited my comment. I’m not stupid—well, I can do stupid things, but I’m not that way all the time. I do know that the Nation of Islam is a black separatist organization. I understood where you are coming from, and even though I’m not Christian I agree. I mean, if there is a God who is not the force of evil, then God does not care about race. Actually, race is an invention that’s not more than 500 years old. People have always had conflict with people who spoke different languages or looked a little different, but racial classifications do not appear in any documents before the 16th century.

        I’m African American, or black, or any names we’ve called ourselves in the past or will call ourselves in the future, only because that’s my culture. If I lived in Nigeria, or any other African country, nobody would care what I looked like, but they’d care about what religion I believed in and what language I spoke, and other stuff people can oppress and kill one another about. Race is fiction, and if racial conflict wasn’t so damaging to individuals and human progress it would be a scientifically humorous concept.

        Being old as I am, I can remember when they were talking about “The White Man” giving them six states. Well, they could’ve all moved to Georgia and Alabama and by now all the white folks would’ve moved someplace else. But the Black Muslims, which they don’t actually call themselves, just wanted to whine and complain instead of doing like the Mormons and building their own state. Of course, that would’ve meant they would have had to use their finances constructively instead of buying expensive cars and suits and mansions for Farrakhan and their rest of their hierarchy. To me, the weirdest thing about members of the Nation of Islam is their actual god is the all-powerful being called “The White Man.” You call it Satan, and I’ll call it worship of an evil fabrication called “The White Man.” We can agree that hatred is a bad thing no matter what the color of the hater.

        Wishing you the best.

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      • CB,
        Thankxczs and I must think you have something to say, or I would not have read enough to decide to leave a comment. I’m like that–picky and maybe sometimes nitpicky. Sure I’ll check you out now and then. I’m really busy right now setting up a ficiton writing/editing blog site. There’s lots of people online passing themselves off as editors, but all they actually know a little about is grammar. I have lots of editing experience way beyond grammar, usage, and punctuation checking. If you ever need my services, I do an excellent job at slightly lower prices than most competent fiction editors. I also am a technical writer; I’m good at it but don’t find it interesting. Starting January, I’ll look at 10 or 15 pages of fiction or creative nonfiction for free:

        Sorry about all the promotional stuff.


      • CB,
        “Race trader” is stupid as well as evil. The weak people who say that are afraid of dealing with people who have common sense and genuine feeling for other humans. Their minds get something like static when their stupid, hateful beliefs are challenged, and “race trader” is a means to block out reason, which they are no mentally equip to deal with. They want everybody with their skin color or hair texture or nostril size to think as they do. But, fortunately, most people are not that stupid of that evil. Just sayin’.


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