I’m Sick of Saggin’

If you have an ounce of awareness, you’ve seen young boys saggin’.  Young black teenage boys sag more but it isn’t distinct to any particular ethnic group or gender.  Yes, aggressive gay girls sag, too. Reverse the word saggin and you get niggas (not a term I use but in this context it is employed to mean ignorant).  This week’s blog post is not about race, our young people and their shoddy style of dress or any particular writing project that I’m working on.  It is about what the Word of God warns us against and tries to protect us from.

As a high school basketball coach, I will sometimes tell a player to “stop saggin’ off,” which means don’t give the offensive player too much space.  If a defensive player sags off too much, the offensive player will take advantage of the space they are given.  And this is analogous to my point – the many spoiled, entitled, violent, disrespectful, promiscuous and misdirected young people are that way because so many men, and yes, I put it squarely on men, are spiritually, emotionally and mentally saggin’ off.

Even though I grew up in a home with a father, I didn’t have a relationship with God.  I thought I did because I went to church, but I didn’t.  I was living my life according to Satan’s standard of living, not God’s.  And because it was so subliminal, I spent the early part of my life chasing women [lust] and money [mammon].  I was self-indulgent and walked the line of risky behavior.  And I carried an abundance of anger, resentment, pride and self-centeredness.  I didn’t know that once the enemy destroys a man, his relationships, children, health, finances and self image will inevitably follow… unless he or the carnage he leaves behind develops a relationship with God.

On August 12, 2012, I received a revelation that I hope will help men or the men in your life.  Here is what I posted on Facebook that day:  The pain, hurt and brokenness of every woman, son or daughter is the direct or indirect result of a hurt, broken man who passed or did not pass through their lives.  Men, we have got to do better!  There ain’t nothin’ wrong with gettin’ on your knees, cryin’ out and askin’ God to clean you up…

It is well past the time for males to rise up and become men of God and stop saggin’ spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  Families will be restored and strengthened; and our young people will in turn develop healthy identities and stop saggin’, too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I’ll see you back here in January.


6 thoughts on “I’m Sick of Saggin’

    • Good word Nupe ! I attended a funeral on Saturday of a 22 yr old young man from my church who was shot and killed my another 22 year old who I once mentored but lost contact with. Your words are the exact sentiments expressed by his formal football coach, “we black men have to do better” if each one would just teach one, our communities would be better. Bless you brother and peace be unto you!

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  1. Just saw and read your comment. I think you’re right on point. I shared it on my facebook page and planned on reading it at my next Alumni meeting. I will be following you. Cornell McBride, AE ’67, current member Elizabeth City Alumni, Elizabeth City, NC.


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