The Power of the Edit

I know it has been a minute but high school basketball season is wrapping up. In my last post, I mentioned that the edit of A Cry Among Men – The Novel was going well and it still is.  However, while going through my second pass, I picked up a few things that were good, but needed fixing. They were great scenes (in my opinion) but they mindlessly dangled and threw off the story’s continuity. I believe I’ve connected the dots by adding another chapter and a skosh more back story about a woman named Ashley Charles who, when introduced, is described as:

“… a bartender of Middle Eastern and Puerto Rican mix…”

“Her exotic looks and tight centerfold body…”

Another thing I’ve done is put my main character, Don, in greater spiritual and emotional jeopardy.  Though his character already had a great arc due to his troubles and doesn’t flat line throughout the story, he needed more spice. At first, he came off as little too pristine.

Some readers may ask – How much spice does a character that has been described as a man of God need? The answer – more. Why? Because even though Don is a fictional character, he isn’t a perfect Christian.  There is no such thing. And to think there are perfect Christians is indeed the trick of the enemy and keeps many people bound to the adversary and prevents them from pursuing God.

We are to pray for the crucifixion of our flesh, our carnal nature and vigilantly pursue a relationship with God. But in doing so, as Don is in the story, we will be derailed. Proverbs 23:7  King James Version:  7 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.”

The stronger our relationship with God, the quicker our joy will be resurrected from the depths of our trouble.

I’ll see you next time…


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