If you saw it on the shelf

Please rate this book cover concept 1-5 for my upcoming novel, #ACryAmongMenTheNovel.
Who said #racism on Wall Street is dead? Thanks…



27 thoughts on “If you saw it on the shelf

  1. doesn’t give me a reason to pick up and read the inside and back cover. i am still old school and go to book store and i scan the shelves very quick and you have a less than a second to grab me!!

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  2. My initial thought is the cover depicts a book about the “violence of racism”. Is violence the feeling you want to invoke? Or is pain the feeling you want to invoke? If violence is your goal, I would rate the cover a 4 out of 5.

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  3. KC, thank you, Nupe. I like the way you broke it down. “Maybe a little less blood on the blade.” That’s funny. lolhahaha Thanks, man.


  4. I’d rate the creative concept a 5, it has a jarring visual effect. In terms of conveying the message of your book. I would suggest going with a visual message that speaks to cross generational pain. The blade and the blood is cool for Clockers. Are you attempting to describe a message that’s finite or inifinite? Otherwise, your is inspirational to me.

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    • Diane, thank you. Though the bloody blade does have meaning, I see where you’re going. I use one successful black man and his family to talk about the world in which we live and how the devil deceives and blindsides people. Much appreciated.


  5. I don’t see (based on the cover), a draw towards the Wall Street reference. I get where you are going, but will the masses? Or will they envision violence?

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  6. I’d give it 3 stars. Right now it is generic and I don’t know what the milieu is. Perhaps a stock graph in the background would tell the viewer that. To me, if it did that i’d give it one or two more stars.

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  7. I’m at about a 2. First, while violence is indicated, there is nothing about racism or Wall Street indicated; indeed if anything, I’d figure a Mafia based story. Also, it is as has been indicated above lacking subtlety. Finally, even when the subject is painful, there should be an artistic integrity to the cover, not simply a meme.

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    • Kenneth, thanks for the feedback; I am working all of this out. It’s all a means of getting ahead of the curve so when I’ve completed the notes from my editor, I can ramp up faster. I appreciate the feedback.


  8. I’d give it a two or a three β€”Β but I’m picky.

    The type is small, and the typeface bland; I’m guessing it’s something like Garamond Bold. Cover copy needs to be MUCH heavier, and take up more of the cover β€” look at commercial covers. The reason is that they’re mostly seen at thumbnail size on Amazon and other online outlets; you want something bolder and more eye-catching. I’d increase the size of the title β€” it begs a question β€” a cry of men? Why that? β€”Β and I’d find a stronger typeface.

    “The Novel”? As opposed to the television show or the movie? I’m guessing from the art (which I think is very eye-catching) that it’s a mystery or a thriller β€”Β why not tell the reader that, if you feel the need for a reading line? Is there are detective/hero? Is this the first in a series? You might want to tell the reader that as well β€” recognizing that they’ll only see it if they go to the actual page for the book.

    Cut the “By” β€” it isn’t needed on a cover. It isn’t even used on title pages much any more. It’s implied.

    Why have the art in a frame β€” even with the blood dripping out? I’d have the razor take up most of the cover, or even have it frame the cover, so that we don’t see the whole thing. I think if you only saw part of it it wouldn’t hit the reader over the head, as someone said earlier.

    The color scheme doesn’t seem to add anything. I’d cut the cream and possibly have it all white to make the red blood pop β€” and I’d consider finding a color other than black for the type.

    But I could be wrong. πŸ˜‰

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  9. I will rate #3 for the initial shock! I’m not sure if I like this for your cover. This book/screenplay is a long time coming and I’ve been with you on the journey from the beginning. I want the rollout to be a good fit.

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