When Everything Else Fails… Write!!!


My son gave me this pen for my birthday last week then he asked, “Are you gonna use it, dad?”

“Yes, baby boy,” I said. “I love it. Thank you.”

You should have seen the smile on his 13 year old face, because he knows his daddy’s dream.

But I ask you writers out there – When was the last time you used a pen for something other than signing your name on a check, an agreement, a bar or restaurant receipt? This is a tool, our tool to use when everything else fails or even before it fails. That MAC or Dell or HP or iPad or note app on your cell phone will fizzle and without a pen we are SOL.

The pen and pad are our survival. Those notes in the middle of the night, a scribble while driving, on the train or plane; or pretending we’re focused in a meeting while we’re actually crafting our story or an idea that will become the next great piece of literature or film.

No matter what happens to the technology in our everyday lives, with a pen, our ideas will never die…


5 thoughts on “When Everything Else Fails… Write!!!

  1. Your post let’s me know I am not alone! I have a journal, and pencil is my preferred medium. Reading my scribbled musings is even more gratifying than seeing them on the screen. Just one of my many quirks!

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    • That’s very kind of you, Angela. Please share my blog with those in your network and keep your eyes open for A Cry Among Men – The Novel coming soon


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