Are You A Man or An Ostrich?


There are no broad strokes that can be applied to racism or the people who commit the heinous acts. Other than what you’ve gleaned from the barrage of news and social media sources – How real has racism been in your life?

I can hear you… Here we go again. When are black people going to let it go? Why do we harp on and give attention to racist idiots?

But I volley back – Why do you insist on shushing the topic?

The New Racism

Nigger, Cracker, Chink, Wop, Kike, Wetback, Dot Head, Jap, Sand Nigger, Mick, White Trash, Hajji… Which have you been called? Or even if under your breath, which have you used?

God led action, real discourse – not idle prayer – heals marriages, redirects unruly children and can heal this country of the lingering ghosts of racism. To fix it, we must walk in discomfort.

A Cry Among Men – The Novel, tells the story of an unsuspecting black investment banker’s brutal encounter with racism at the hands of a white man. The tragic fallout affected his family and everyone else around him.

How passionate should we be about seeing generations of hate destroyed?  Regardless of your ethnicity, racism will someday touch you or someone in your life. But it affects people in different ways. Some internalize, while others become racists themselves.

Whether subtle or brutal, as a reader of this post, how has racism affected you? How did the incident(s) make you feel? What action did you take? How would you support someone who has experienced racism? What can our country do to end racism?

Ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand, but the myth serves as a good visual for those who believe avoidance will save their life.

Thank you for reading…


3 thoughts on “Are You A Man or An Ostrich?

  1. Nothing has changed in the last 50 years I am sad to report.
    There is a cloak of racism hidden in all sectors where the “good ole boys” outcast those who are sincere about the morals that society disdains. These are the remnants of the Freedom Fighters in the ’50s-’60s. On the other side of the coin the Klanish “good ole boys” are a remnant that still exists as well. They have only taken their hoods off.

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