Today My Son Got A Lesson In Color


In his innocence, when walking out of Flemington Porsche, I asked my son if there was anything he noticed while inside.

He said, “Nothing.”

But of course he noticed  the $194,750 price tag on the 911 Turbo S.


After I pointed out to him that none of the sales consultants acknowledged us during our 15 minute visit, he remained oblivious to my point. From his perspective, the salesmen were helping others. But I pointed out, two reps were chatting it up in the corner and didn’t give us so much as a hello.

He smiled, “Oh.”

I smiled in return. “It is the world we live in,” I said. “Don’t focus on race but be aware and prepared for what you will face as a black boy/man.

His innocence is not the result of me not teaching him, it’s his clean unscathed Spirit. Like his father at age 13, he looks for the good in people first.

Maybe it was the way I was dressed.



One thought on “Today My Son Got A Lesson In Color

  1. No cuz, people with money dress down as well as up. I think a racial awareness depends on personal experiences growing up. At age 13, for me, we were involved with the beginning of integrating my Jr high via buses. By the time I got to high school, we were doing sit ins and protest to have African American studies.
    Young people today may not have that personal connection or feel the need to do so. After all,we as parents have done an excellent job of making sure our children don’t have to experience such things. It’s one thing to see it on the news and another to be there.
    We must continue to arm our youth with knowledge and pride of self. This forms a foundation of both expecting and demanding respect from all others.

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