Before anything, I am a man who loves God.  I pray and read his Word daily; it keeps my Spirit healthy.  He has given me an awesome wife, children, mother, sister and family.  My love for writing, specifically screenwriting and novel writing has exceeded any job I have ever had.  Coaching basketball is another one of my passions and it’s also my give back to young men and women who are in such desperate need of positive direction.

To keep my mind, muscles, joints and bones from becoming atrophied, I work out or run regularly.  I love the simple things in life as well as good restaurants, cars, motorcycles, boats and travel.  Jazz and an occasional glass of vino with a fine Cuban on a deck looking out at the mountains or an ocean or people watching at an outdoor cafe is how I enjoy relaxing.

Over my life I’ve teetered on being a perpendicular thinker and while doing the “corporate thing,” it sometimes got me in trouble.  But after chasing mammon and material success for so many years, I am wholly happy with this journey that God now has me walking.  I give Him all the praises, honor and glory.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. My Dear Brother Charles;
    Keep moving forward into victory. Keep hoping, keep believing, keep expecting God’s blessing. Keep moving forward with maximum effort and God will do the rest. I am looking forward to seeing your creative works and you sharing your talents with the world.

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  2. NOW THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT !!!!! Developing your own platform to be heard. God is amazing and will continue to bless you. Keep moving forward. You know I am one of your biggest fans!
    Much love and a whole lot of peace,

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